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website maintenance services from Sister Agency, a digital strategy agency


website maintenance services from Sister Agency, a digital strategy agency


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website maintenance services from Sister Agency, a digital strategy agency
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From voice to tone to style, every experience & expression matters in design. We create interface designs and shape key components for brand & product experiences that are second — to — none.

ui and ux design_Sister agency

Mood Boards

Through research and click holes, we discover looks, tastes and feels on how we all see this end product looking. This lays the groundwork for the look and feel that we want to adhere to and grow upon as we link it to your brand.

Styles Guides

Consistency is key and developing a consistent brand starts with creating a brand style guide. Doing this allows your internal and external partners to have a consistent approach while representing your brand both online and offline.

Wire — framing

Wire-framing allows us to think through the problems and solutions at the structural level. We commonly use these to layout content and functionality for most sites and apps we work on with our partners. We always use the analogy that we should understand how to build the house before we paint it.

Visual Design

Creating and combining the use of imagery, color, shapes, typography, and form to enhance usability and improve the user experience. Visual design grew from UI design and graphic design and we constantly dabble in both to create the best brands and experiences we can.


Prototyping, as well as broad-spectrum testing and multiple software releases, is part of a more detailed process for producing sophisticated software products and services. We apply this method to most e-commerce platforms as well as apps and web apps. It's proven to us time and time again that it's the only way to test.

Usability Testing & Research

The only way to consistently grow in an online space is through listening to your users. We kick this process off through testing our work with real people. In-person interviews, usability testing, and general product walk-throughs give more tangible insights than 3rd-party any data can.